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Why I Blog (And Maybe You Should Too)

Blogging is a super polarized topic.

Some people are all about it, while others think it’s a waste of time.

I’m in the “all about it” group…and I honestly believe that those that think it’s a waste of time just need to read this post. They just don’t fully understand the value they bring, and are quite frankly, working too hard in other areas if they are not including blogging in their income generation plan.

6 Reasons to Blog For Your Business Video

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So, let’s talk about it. Here’s why I blog, and maybe you should too:


Whether you have a business or not really makes no difference. You have something people come to you for.

Something that people are always asking you about.

That is where you shine.

Why not write about it?

Why not become the authority on that topic?

You see where this can go, right?

You could actually build a life you love while doing the things that set your soul on fire.

This is real.

When you build a blog around topics that inspire and excite you, it’s palpable. It’s your bat-signal.

Your people will come in droves to see what you’re talking about…and then you become the authority…as you should be.

Income –

As you are becoming the authority, you can start aligning with products and services that can help your audience.

These are called affiliate opportunities, and they are EV. UH. REE. WHERE.

This is the direction the marketing industry is heading in, so jump on in.

Huge corporations are finally learning that people buy from people they trust…and people don’t trust big corporations. They trust their friends, and people that are like them.

That’s where we as bloggers come into play.

We develop audiences by talking openly about things we love to talk about, then make honest suggestions for products and services (that we align with), and in turn, we get kick backs.

There are plenty of people out there that have such strong revenue streams from products and services on their blogs that they don’t really need to do much else to feel comfortable.

That’s a killer way to build a retirement income, friends!


Here’s where I get a bit nerdy on you…you knew this was coming, right?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and is basically how you boost your website to the top of Google or any search engine results.

So here’s the deal, when you’re writing blog posts about things you do, like services you provide or products you sell…you will start showing up closer to the top of Google for those things as well as the topics “along side” those concepts.

Let me break down that concept super quick.

So, let’s say I offer a 1:1 consulting service.

I could blog about that specific service…AND I can blog about other things having to do with that service.

So, if someone is needing business strategy consulting, they are probably interested in growth, growth hacking, building a team, managing a team, good leadership….

See where I’m going here?

The topics are endless when you think about your dream client and what they actually need.

Just write about it, then they end up on your blog, and ultimately very likely to hire you because you are the authority.

It all plays together.

Future Opportunities –

My advice is to set up a tab for “Media Inquiries”

This is so reporters and journalists can easily reach out to you for interviews and expert advice.

If you don’t have that tab, it’s likely they won’t spend the extra time to try to reach out to you, so just do it.

This is PR, or public relations, friends, and this is how you blitz.

If you want to make your online blog a success, be prepared to go big. This is more of a mind thing than anything else.

Don’t limit yourself.

Set up the tab, and expect for it to be used.

Documenting Your Journey –

This is really fun because we are all living, breathing, walking, talking books in motion.

We all have a story that can help other people in our same situation or on journey’s similar to ours.

Blogs = Books.

As you are blogging, you will be able to go back in the future and compile blogs into your memoirs. How cool is that, right?

You are writing a book!

And finally, Building Community –

As we share our journey, our knowledge and our vulnerability, we create a community around us.

I believe this is the most important part of anything we do.

I believe we are here to take care of each other, and walk each other back home.

If your blog can help someone else, that is everything, and let me tell you this. It is entirely more gratifying than any money you will ever make from it.

Don’t get me wrong, money and opportunities are fun and helpful…but friends, that feeling you get when someone messages you and says you helped them through a tough time…that is everything.

Have fun with your blog!

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