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Did You Know This Little Facebook Trick?

Oh, Facebook, we love you so! Using it just as a social media is easy-peasy, right?

How about as a business? LOL!

Totally different experience. There are learning curves all around you when using it to promote your business.

Especially if you want to do it well, and without wasting all of your money (which is actually extremely easy to do).

Today, we’re going to talk about…probably my favorite thing in Facebook’s Business Manager…Audience Insights!

It’s very likely you have no idea what I am talking about, but you will in just a minute, and my guess is, a couple of minutes after that, you’re going to be setting up Business Manager for your Facebook Page and checking it out for yourself…let me know if I’m right :).

So, what IS Audience Insights?

It is where you can drill down on your own audience by selecting different options like demographics, pages they follow, geographical location and more.

Now I’m going to drill down exactly what you can discover:

First, when you log into Business Manager, you will click on “Business Manager”.  Then look down and to the left on that menu, and select “All Tools”, then under plans, choose “Audience Insights”.

You will see a page that looks like this.



You’ll choose “Everyone on Facebook”.

Now, you’ll be able to use this little gem here.

This is where you can really learn about the audience you are marketing to.  If you haven’t had a chance to really define your target audience or Dream Client, you should, and this can actually help you.

Go ahead and fill in the demographics, like age, gender, location…and keep scrolling because the gold is at the bottom.

Now check out “interests”.  This is where you can put in pages, blogs, public figures they may follow.  I would do one interest at a time.

You can go all the way down to education level, job titles (under work), parents or not, politics, and life events.

What I usually stick with are my demo age/gender/location and one interest as well as one other option.

What you find out here is this: how big your audience is! (It will be under “new audience” above the graphs on the right)

AND that they can be marketed to on Facebook, if need be…at least you know they are there.

It’s important to make sure you actually have a good sized audience when starting your business or finding your target market because not everyone will be a customer, right?

You need a huge market so you can handle getting some “no’s” to get to some “yes’s”.

So, after you have filled in all of your blanks that you want, now you get to uncover the REALLY cool stuff!


Which leads us into the next image 🙂

At the top of the graphs on your Audience Insights page, click on “page likes”, and you will see this at the bottom.  The information at the top is super helpful as well, but this is where the rubber meets the road.

For this info, I used a demographic of Women, ages 30-35, Mom of a newborn up to a 2 year old, that shows interest in yoga.  So, see how I didn’t completely nosedive into the stats?



What you need to pay attention to here is the Affinity scoreThat is how likely this audience is to like a given page compared to everyone else on Facebook.

So, our audience is likely following aden + anais.  You can sometimes use that in your ad demographic that you are delivering to, but not always, so make sure to jot the top 5 down, so you have go-to’s if the top one isn’t available as an interest you can choose.

This can also help in your ad copy and imagery.  Because it’s very likely they respond to the same copy and imagery that aden + anais use.

Now, I’m not saying totally copy it, but it’s fair to take inspiration from things.

So, you’re mission, if you choose to accept it (and I KNOW you do 😉 ), is to set up Business Manager and play around with this to determine where your audience is playing in Facebook.

Let me know how you did!

Oh!  And if you’re not yet in my free Facebook group, Business Leaders Unite!, head on over and join.  We do lots of fun marketing stuff in there.

Let’s DO THIS!

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