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How To Start Your Microblading Business The Right Way

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So, you’re either thinking about, or have already started getting your ducks in a row for your new Microblading Business!

What we’re going to do here, is make sure you get started off on the right foot…with honest, legit information.

Ok, first things first…I absolutely suggest getting certified, even if it’s not necessary in your location.  The reason being because then…well, you’ll likely do a better job…but also you’ll be able to share the certifications on all of your sites, like your social media, website, and any landing pages you choose to use.

The BIG 3 for Marketing your Microblading Business like a PRO


Honest reviews and testimonials are SOLID GOLD when it comes to any beauty professional, but mostly with Microblading.  I mean….this person has basically had you put a tattoo on their face, right?  So, when they LOVE it…have them leave you a review!

Stats show that people go through up to 10 reviews when finding a new service provider.  Make sure you have them!

A lot of people already see this as common sense, but with my time in the industry, I see that they still forget.  Make this part of your process right away, so it becomes a natural behavior to ask for a review or testimonial.  Bonus points for setting the request up as an automation, so you don’t even have to think about it.

Keep reading, and you’ll see how you can ask for many different types of testimonials and REALLY GET THINGS MOVING!

Before/After Photos:

This is one that drives me bonkers!  So, first and foremost, I’m a business strategist and sales specialist, not a Microblading or Permanent Makeup Artist, but I’ve worked with so many in the industry, that I know this industry inside and out. And the thing that makes me cringe the most is how EVERYONE does before/after images.

They always do a close up of eyebrow before and after.  Which isn’t bad, in and of itself…

BUT…when those are the only images that are available, it really doesn’t SELL the process.

It shows cool brows and a bit of a transformation…

But the transformation people are looking for is a WHOLE FACE transformation.

Sure, the job is just the eyebrows…but it changes the entire face, right?

Well, shoot!  SHOW THAT!

So, have some before/afters that are close ups, and also some before/afters that are the entire face, because that’s where the real huge change happens.…and is what people are looking for.

List Building:

This is probably the biggest thing no one ever thinks about.

Which is exactly why you don’t see too many artists really separating themselves from the pack yet.

But that could be you!

What list building means is building a database of qualified leads.

What’s a qualified lead?  It’s someone that is looking to get microblading done, but may not be ready just yet.  Or, it could be someone you have done work on, and you keep in contact with them so you remain top of mind when their friends are asking about it, or when they’re ready for a touch-up.

So, how do you build this list?  And where do you house it?

There’s a lot of talk about messenger bots right now, but honestly, I wouldn’t mess with that as a beginner, (or at all quite frankly…not yet). People are trying to tout the importance of them, but really, it’s just too stinkin easy to give someone a bad experience, and it only takes one bad experience to make someone leave and check out another artist.

Also, if your whole list is based on Facebook (messenger bot)…then where do they go if something happens to Facebook? That’s right…away is the answer.  They go away.  And you?  You have to start ALL OVER AGAIN.

It’s best to build an email list.  My favorite email marketing platform is Active CampaignYou can really use whatever email software you like, but I like Active Campaign because it’s robust, and will be able to handle the thousands of leads you have when you grow to that point.  The last thing you ever want to do is have to move an email list from one platform to another along with all of the automations you have created.  Trust me.  Headache.

So, how do you get people on the email list?  EASY!  Give them something they need…for free!  Or in exchange for their email address!

This does a number of awesome things.

First of all, you become the authority in the industry by offering to give them info for free.

Second, you ONLY are attracting people that are interested in Microblading because that’s the info you’ll be giving them!

And finally, you will be the person that gave them something before asking for the sale.  You are showing good will, and they will remember it.  You are building a relationship with your future client.

Stats show that people usually check out a product or service between 5-6 times before actually buying…

So imagine how much further ahead you are when you are giving them what they need before they even pay you a dollar.

It’s the best possible way to market your business, hands down!

So those were the big three, but there are SO MANY MORE THINGS you need to think about like:

-Your website

-Social media strategy 


-Facebook Ads

-Lead Magnets

-Sales Funnels

-Automating things you don’t need to spend time on every day (saving time)

-Onboarding new clients

-Content strategy

-And the additional testimonial opportunities from the top of this article…

Sound like a lot?

It is.

Not sure where to get all of this info, and really TRUST that it’s good, relevant information for an actual Microblading Artist?

Easy.  I made something for you. Here is where your world changes.

Talk soon!

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