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How To Replace Your Income And Quit Your Job For Good

It’s the REAL American dream, isn’t it?  To quit your job that you absolutely cannot stand and make money in a way that doesn’t require you working for anyone else…

It’s MY American dream, and I’m pretty sure there are a TON of people that would agree with me…actually, if you agree with me, scream HECK YES!! wherever you are…it doesn’t matter, just scream it!  (I want your husband or kids to run in the room wondering what you’re so worked up over, lol!) They’ll get it soon enough 🙂

Now let’s talk, just me and you. 

You want to quit your job for a million reasons, I’m sure. Probably because:

  • You don’t like the hours.
  • You would rather be home with your kids
  • You secretly may want to homeschool your kids, but can’t because…work
  • Maybe you just don’t dig the vibe at work
  • Rude co-workers or even customers
  • Maybe you don’t align ethically with how the business is run
  • You have to uphold rules and standards that you don’t even agree with, which splits you as a person down the middle

It really could be anything, but whatever it is, know that you can stop having to deal with it very soon!

The way I did it was pretty typical…kinda. Well, ok…not typical at all…I quit my job seemingly out of nowhere because I just couldn’t do it anymore.

I’ll never forget the day it started. 

I was sitting in my cubicle, muddling through my day when it happened.

I got a text from my husband.

Now, I couldn’t take my phone out at work, so I had to go to the bathroom to see it, but when I did, my heart sank…

It was a video of my daughter taking her FIRST STEPS!

I was happy and IMMENSELY SAD all at the same time.

I was thrilled for her!  And heart-broken for me.

I was stuck.  Like a caged animal.  I literally could not go anywhere. I didn’t have any sick time to use, so I had to stay put.

That’s when it started.

My NEED to leave.

My DRIVE to do something else.

I recognized this was just a microcosm of things to come.

What else would I miss?

I wasn’t going to be able to have the relationship I wanted, scratch that, NEEDED to have with this little girl.

And what would that teach her? What would that show her?

That mommy has to be away from her for most of the day, only to come home tired and frustrated…every. single. day.

I couldn’t have that. I had to do something.

At that point, my only goal was to find something that I loved doing, and could replace my income so I could come home and be with her.

Not only did I accomplish that, but that took off into it’s own huge business which then begat another business and now here we are…

But, what I want you to take away from this is that YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!

Our first focus needs to be INCOME REPLACEMENT.

We don’t need to become millionaires right away, don’t worry about that.

All we need to do is replace our income, and that is TRULY much easier than you could ever think!

What are some ways you can replace your income?

Check out this article to find my current top 3 favorite ways to replace your income.

You may be thinking…but I don’t know where to even START…

I hear you, and I am here to SUPPORT you 🙂

Join my group.

I will teach you ALL of the skillsets you need to not only be able to LITERALLY REPLACE YOUR INCOME, but even build a business if you want to!

We really DO create our own worlds!

If you don’t yet feel strong enough to do that, come hang with me, I’ll get you there!

Let’s DO THIS!!!

Here’s your link to the group:



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