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How To Not Only Survive, But Thrive With Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Update

You’ve probably heard a bunch of Chicken Little’s running around saying, “Facebook is killing business pages, Facebook is killing business pages!!”  Those people mean well, I’m sure, but are not helpful.  We both received the same data and information, but I will be showing you how to work with the algorithm change instead of being scared of it.  Now, let’s DO this!

There are a couple of things to think about with this algorithm update.


Why would they make these changes? Let’s take a step back and look at it from their business perspective, right?

What the execs have claimed is that they are wanting Facebook to be a community.  A place for people to come and meet in a digital living room of sorts. They don’t just want people mindlessly scrolling through the feed, popping an occasional “like” on a post and really not engaging much.

Why is that? Again, from a business perspective, probably because that is their entire platform.  Let’s look at where their dollars come from. Ads, right? Well, who would want to spend ad dollars on a platform that didn’t have engaged users? Not many, right?

So, what should you do?

Among many things, you should truly engage with your audience or tribe. What I LOVE about this update is that we should be doing that anyway!!  To not do that is just stinkin’ lazy.

We shouldn’t be posting just to get somebody to post something back (you see this ALL the time, and if you don’t now, you will after reading this, lol).

We should be posting truly engaging questions to learn not only about from FROM each other.

Our audience is our audience for a reason.  Because they resonate with us.  They share our views, and we should all want to share and relate on a deeper level, no matter what service or product you are offering.

Connection matters. And now the algorithm is making you do it :).

For a deeper dive into the algorithm update and how to leverage it in your favor check out the course we made in my Inner Circle.

Until then, just keep connecting and reminding people of why they followed you in the first place. Transparency and authenticity.



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