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How To Make Money From Your Website

I see plenty of people confusing websites with brochures every day.

What I see is this: Here’s my logo. Here’s my name. Here’s what I do. Fill out my contact form.

Yikes, right?

I mean, even reading it like that is crazy boring and in no way conducive to a sale or getting a new client, right?

Well, let’s try to fix that.

How to Make Money With Your Website Video


Here are 3 things you need on your website to turn visitors into customers and clients.

Ready? Let’s do this!

CTA or Call To Action

What do you want people to do? It’s actually not very difficult to get people to do what you would like for them to do, as long as you know what that is.

I’ve had tens of thousands of conversations with business owners (large and small) at this point in my career, and I always get a bit of a glazed over look when I ask this question.

It’s almost like everything rushes to the front of their brain, like…we want customers, we want leads, we want them on our email, we want money, we want our sales people to follow up….all of it just comes up….and let me say this right now.

A confused mind always says no.

So, when WE aren’t even sure of what we want someone to do on our site….how on Earth are the visitors supposed to know what to do? Led alone actually do it, right?

That being said, this is huge.

Get very clear about what you want, so people can then do what you want, and everyone is happy.

Testimonials or Reviews

This one is solid gold and no one seems to remember that when building their website.

When people are looking to try a new product or service, the very first thing they do is go to the Google’s, and look for *drumroll*…

What OTHER people THINK!

They are only half sold by what you say your product or service with do for people…they need to be “closed” with a testimonial or review of what someone else has to say about your product or service.

So…why not put it straight on your page?

That’s right! They don’t need to search (some still will, and that’s ok), but a majority will be ok with the reviews on your page if done correctly.

So, now the question is…how do you put them on correctly?

You take a screenshot of the review.

That’s right…a nice ugly screenshot. So, if it’s on facebook, it has their profile picture, name and the review or testimonial.


Because those look authentic.

They look unedited.

When you put them on your site so they’re pretty and match the site, and yada yada…to the viewer, they look like they could easily be made up.

People are natural skeptics.

Don’t fan the flame.

Give them the ugly real review, and watch how that works.

What It Does vs. What It Is

The absolute worst thing you can do when talking about your product or service is to talk about what it is.

Sounds crazy right?

You’re probably thinking…ok…that’s it…this chic is nuts.

You might be right, but it’s not because of this. This is total truth.

Let’s take the drill example.

If you were selling a drill, would you say…look at this drill, it has a 30 HP engine (I know that’s crazy) , an extra long extension cord, it has a little flashlight thingy on the front, so on and so on…clearly, I don’t often use drills…did I just describe a drill? I don’t even know…but I digress.

You COULD say those things…but would that sell it?

OR would you say, here’s this drill, it will make this size hole for you easily.

That’s all people want, y’all!

What does it DO?

How does it make their life easier?

Stop with all the details, what it’s made of, blah, blah, blah.

If people want to know that stuff, they’ll ask…until then, stick with what it does.

Ok friends! That’s it for today, make these small tweaks, and you will be bringing in SO many more customers and clients. Trust that.

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