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How To Create A Landing Page That Won’t Get Your Facebook Ads Account Shut Down

how to make a landing page

I’m writing this out of TOTAL NECESSITY.

I’m seeing WAYY too many people out there who mean well, and aren’t blatant spammers getting their Facebook Ads accounts shut down due to just not knowing the rules, so here goes.

I’ll make this as quick and painless as possible.


Keep the “scent”

This is both for the health of your Facebook Ads account, and for your conversion rate.  Here’s what I’m talking about when I say “keep the scent”. 

You basically need to have the same feel from your ad to the landing page the user lands on.

Three easy ways to accomplish this:

Use the same image in the ad somewhere on the landing page

-Use the same heading for both the ad and the landing page

-Try to use the same color palette in the image or video for the ad that you use on your landing page

What this does is keep people comfortable, and doesn’t trigger those spammy bait-and-switch red flags.


Links that take people away from the page

Ultimately, Facebook doesn’t like to send people to dead-end pages.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, well, isn’t that the point of a squeeze page?  Not having a ton of “click around” options, and just “do the thing”. And from a marketing perspective, yes…we don’t want them to be clicking around a bunch, but rules are rules and if we want to advertise on Facebook, we need to play the game.

So, how do we do that without compromising our strategy?


Have your logo at the top be a link back to your main site. Done deal.  *mic drop*



Ok, this is in all caps for a reason.


The privacy policy explains to people how you intend to use their data, how it will be stored, how long it will be kept for, how to contact the company and more…

This is the BIGGEST REASON for ad accounts being shut down today.

I’m sure you can imagine after the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, why it’s so crazy important to Facebook to protect user’s data…

If you already have a privacy policy, just link it at the bottom of the page, no biggie.

If you don’t, also no biggie, just use any privacy policy generator on the web (usually for a small fee) and link it to your site ASAP.

You can link it easily in the footer as hypertext.


Disable all pop-ups for your landing page

This goes along with the line of thinking that pop-ups are spammy.

Just make sure you aren’t using AUTOMATIC pop-ups.

You CAN use click pops.

Those are the pop-ups that are triggered by a button click.

They just don’t want to see pop-ups being triggered willy-nilly with no intended action from the viewer.


Always put the landing page on your own domain

What this really means is don’t use default domains like “xyz.clickfunnels.com”.

Even though they are reputable domains, there are always a few bad apples in the bunch, and therefore are more likely to be compromised.

It’s just best to use your own domain, so in my case, I use “go.marthaekrejci.com/…” for my own landing pages.


Make sure the offer in your Facebook ad matches the offer on your landing page

This one is pretty common sense, but sometimes people’s sales copy on ads kind of gets away from them.

Or really…away from what is really being offered.

What I mean is this. If you are offering a 2 week trial of something, then the user would be charged, don’t say in the ad that they get 2 weeks free, without addressing the fact they will then be charged.

That looks really bad and you will likely be shut down.

Just keep everything on the up and up :).


Don’t include anything that prevents users from leaving or closing your landing page

This is another red flag to both users and Facebook themselves which is exactly why it’s a no-no.

This would look like a pop-up (which you already shouldn’t have, right?) that says “Are you sure you want to leave?”

Just don’t.

It’s so bad.  Just don’t.

That being said…I don’t think I know of anyone that got one of those pop-ups and was like…“You know, I wasn’t ready to go, I’ll stick around, lol!”


Don’t include content that’s banned by Facebook

Here’s the easy button for that.

Bookmark this link, as it is very regularly updated…or changed.


I have nothing to add to that…they cover it all themselves, but please do stay up-to-date on it.  I would suggest checking it out every time you create a new landing page.


Your landing page must not trigger any automatic downloads or auto play videos

This is kind of common sense for the automatic downloads.

Like, of course immediately when someone reaches our landing page, we don’t want to force a download to their computer.

That’s totally understandable.

What people miss on this is the auto-playing videos.

Facebook tries their best to curate the best experiences possible for their users, and forced anything is not a good experience.

So, while we as business owners and marketers would love to have an auto-playing video, so we can communicate without them having to take an action at all, Facebook doesn’t want it, so make sure all of your videos on your site are not set to auto-play.


Make your Facebook landing page mobile optimized

This should also go without saying, but make sure your landing page is mobile optimized.

What this means is that it’s responsive to the device it’s being viewed on.

It should be viewable on a phone, tablet and desktop all in the best way possible for each respective device.

If you use WordPress, it’s super likely any page you create is already fully responsive.

Also, if you use Clickfunnels, it’s also a guarantee that you’ll be mobile responsive. 

Just make sure that you view the mobile version of your site before you publish. Sometimes they can look a little goofy, and you need to move things around.  But you’ll be able to identify that when you check it out before publishing.


Ok friends, there it is!

I don’t want to see any of my friends getting their Facebook ads accounts shut down anymore!

If you have any questions, please just leave them in the comments below.

Now, if you have other marketing, business building or Facebook questions…or just want to be in my AWESOME GROUP, then check that out here! https://www.marthaekrejci.com/join

See you soon!




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