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How Do I Find Time To Start A New Business? I’m Already Working A Full-Time Job…

By now, I’m sure you already know how passionate I am about people living their dream, right?

I’m not passionate about it because it has no possibility of ever happening….I’m passionate because I KNOW people can do this, and I DESIRE it for them SO MUCH.

This is the question I hear the most, so I wanted to address it publicly.


How do I find time to start a new business, when I’m already working a full-time job?


This is a totally legitimate question if you keep moving and speaking from the space of where you currently are…

What we NEED to do is move you into a different space.  A space with solutions instead of excuses.

There’s nothing wrong with you at all for initially thinking you have no time, that’s how our society works…everything is vying for some of that quality time.  Heck, even this article is doing that, right?

But, we need to be conscious about what is vying for our time, and accepting whether that is going to move us forward, keep us the same, or move us backwards.

This article, I would hope, will move you forward in your aspiration to legitimately replace your income from your day job, then allow you to quit if you want.  And if not, that’s cool too…but you’ll have a lot of extra money to sit on and feel good about :).

Here is the trick to finding more time in your day…

Create it.

I know this sounds a bit crazy, but when you make a list of things to do, and actually do them, you are creating time for those things.

There’s no secret mystery to this.  I know some people would like to believe there is an elusive construct that is totally beyond their comprehension that successful people know and keep to themselves.  There really isn’t though.

That the beautiful thing here.

You already have this.

You’re already able to do it!

You just have to take it, and own it.

Now, if you’re ready to take the plunge, here are some extra pointers that I use myself every single day.

Set Aggressive Goals

These could be called “stretch” goals.  They are the goals that, even as you’re writing them down feel…big.  Write them down anyway. You’re brain helps you work on those things. You’re essentially giving your brain a to-do list. It’s bizarre, but it works, and the things typically get done.  (I feel like there is a quantum physics lesson in here somewhere, but time seems to be created)

Close All Tabs That Don’t Need To Be Open For Your Project

That’s right.  Facebook is the first to go.  I love all of my friends, but I can’t get wrapped up in their cute piggy video while I’m trying to stay in the flow and focused on my content I’m creating.  An article that could have taken me 10 minutes to write will quickly turn into 90 minutes if I don’t guard my attention closely.

Call It A Power Hour

I know you are working a full time job.  I know it’s exhausting.  I know extra work is the LAST thing on the planet you want to do…


Which sounds more exhausting? 

An hour of need-to-do, moving-the-needle-on-your-business intentional work?

Or a lifetime of what-if’s, while slaving away 40 hours/week at a place that doesn’t inspire you?

I used to share with people everything I got accomplished before noon, and I may start that again, because that’s really only 2 hours of work for me…and I get a TON done!

What I’m saying is even if I only had 1 or 2 hours per day to push my business forward…I totally could!


Manage your time, and you’ll make your goals.  I promise that.

If you haven’t already picked up my free Side Hustle guide, grab that here so you can begin your journey.  I’m not kidding, this is yours for the taking.

Here’s your link:

So excited for you!


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