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Did You Know You’re Just Like Oprah?

This is probably one of my favorite topics ever. 

Upon reading this title, I imagine you probably put on your skeptic glasses and grabbed a glass of tea…wondering just where I think I’m going with this…

Well, here it is.

You have all the same stuff in you that Oprah has.

You have a backstory.  You had a childhood…maybe it was good, and maybe it wasn’t, but it happened.

You had things come up in your life that took you off course from your dreams.

Maybe you even had people that didn’t believe in you.  People that told you that you would never be able to reach your goals.  People that wanted very much to make you lose faith in yourself.

All of these things happened to Oprah.

The difference may be right here.  Right now.

The difference may be whether you believe all of the people that would like for you to stay small along side them…or not.

You see, today…right now…is when you decide to do what you love.

To show up for the people you care about.

Oprah found her gigantic success by being EXACTLY who she was created to be.

She didn’t let people silence her.

She speaks from her heart and her soul.

You can feel it emanate from her when she is telling a story.

She lives from her soul.

THAT is where you will find the success that’s been eluding you for so long.

Sit down, and just think about what you are here to do.

Who are the people you want to serve?

HOW do you want to serve them?

DO NOT think of how you will monetize this….that will come later.

Right now, let’s find what makes your soul sing, and sprint in that direction.

Every. Single. Day. We have a chance to become what we were created for.

Love you all!

xoxoxo -Martha

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